Vijay Albuquerque
Software Developer With A Keen Focus On Enterprise And Web Technologies

Hi. I am a Software Developer presently working as a Senior Software Engineer at KPMG.

I have a keen interest in enterprise and web technologies. My usual toolset includes Java, Spring, AngularJS etc.

I also find the newer 'No-backend' approaches using a data store like Firebase very exciting.

Below are some links relevant to me. Also feel free to contact me - you can find my details in the Contacts section.

Links is a website that I have independently developed and maintain. It tracks the current Interest Rates from the Reserve Bank of Australia and Australia's biggest 4 Home Loan lenders.

Check out some of my blog posts at Most of my blog posts are on software development with posts ranging on a variety of topics from The Spring Framework to jQuery.

Contact Me

You can drop me an email at